Quit prostitution

The exit program for prostitutes offers prostitutes help and support to quit prostitution.

Who is the exit program for?

To take part in the exit program it doesn’t matter whether you work as a prostitute by your own choice or if you were forced into prostitution. Anyone can come to us for help, whether you work in a sex club, via the internet or some other way. It doesn’t matter if you have a verblijfsvergunning (residence permit) or not, or if you are a woman/man/transgender or are addicted to drugs – everyone is welcome. The only requirement is that you want to quit prostitution. 

Help & support

Once you have decided to take part in the exit program, you will be given a personal counsellor who will help you to quit the business. He or she will give you advice and help you with practical things like dealing with official organisations. Together with your counsellor, you will determine what kind of help you need, for example:

  • Finding a place to live;
  • Taking care of financial matters; 
  • Looking for a study program or a job;
  • Help with quitting a drug addiction; 
  • Returning to your country of origin.

No cost 

The help offered to you in the exit program is totally free of charge.

The road ahead

Quitting prostitution is not easy, and there are often setbacks. Some people just need more time or help than others; and that’s not a problem at all. Even after you have been able to quit prostitution, we will stay in touch with you for another 6 months after that to see how you are doing.

Contact info

Want to quit working as a prostitute or want to talk to somebody about it with one of the counsellors (no obligation)? Then feel free to contact with us. We are here to listen.